Aims and Goals

Planet Kids aims and goals in the curriculum
1. Planet Kids strives to provide a safe and caring environment that stimulates the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of children. We strive to creating a harmonious, productive, caring and loving, working atmosphere.

2. We strive to give each child the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential, emotionally, socially, physically and academically. We strive to allow all children to learn at their individual pace.

3. Planet Kids strives to promote respect for each other and our environment. We strive to provide the children with an environment where curiosity and creativity can flourish.

4. Our aim is to promote self-reliance, creativity, empathy, respect for the rights of others and positive self-esteem. Our goal is to promote and nurture a safe and caring educational environment that stimulates the children.

5. Our aim is to create an environment centered on trust, happiness and attention to individual needs, so that the children may grow personally and academically.

6. Our aim is that the children will be exposed to:  language, music, movements, nature, hands-on creative projects, theme work and the free play children need (both indoors and outdoors) each and every week.

Social Development
1. To teach each child how to show respect and care for friends, siblings, parents, teachers etc.
2. To provide an environment where each child gives the opportunity to learn to function in co-operation with others.

3. To provide an environment in which each child can create a sense of self- respect and positive self-esteem.

4. To teach each child to be responsible and to understand the consequences of his/her actions.

5. To provide an environment which promote the development of empathy in each child.

Physical Development
1. To help each child to become independent and encourage each child to dress themselves and keeping their own clothes and belongings in order.
2. To help and teach each child about hygiene and of the importance of cleaning themselves after outdoor play, before and after food. etc.
3. To please each child’s need for relaxation.
4. To encourage table manners and good food habits. To teach and make each child aware of food from different cultures.
5. To provide a balance of both indoor and outdoor activities to develop the gross motor skills by physical stimulation.

6. To encourage and make each child aware of all seasons and learn about the different weather conditions.

7. To teach each child the appropriate skills for excursions.

8. To encourage each child’s social awareness and to feel responsible for our environment.
9.To encourage and teach each child how to create an environment centered on trust and happiness.

10. To encourage each child to show and give his/her friends respect.

11. To encourage each child to create a harmonious, productive, caring and loving, working atmosphere.

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