PK Board

The board of Planet Kids consists of no more than seven parents. Its task is to safeguard the school’s objective and charters. The board supervises the administrative side of the school and acts as the staff’s formal employer. Each member has specific tasks or areas:

Chairperson: Coordinator of the Board. Responsible for safeguarding the school’s objectives and contacting authorities. Contact with authorities and safeguarding the school’s objectives. Ensures that a substitute parent is found when necessary.

Head Teacher: Spokesperson for the school. Liaises with Chairperson and Authorities. In charge of daily operations and administration. Chief Communicator between the staff and the Board.

Finance Coordinator: Responsible for supervising and coordinating the work of accountant and auditor and keeping track of the financial matters of the nursery.

Staff Coordinator: Mediator between staff and parents and, if necessary, between the Head Teacher and staff. Assistant to the Head Teacher in recruiting new staff. In charge of salary information adjustments. In charge of organizing staff development meetings together with other board member.

Maintenance Coordinator: Keeps track of maintenance, repairs, improvements and ordering necessary in the nursery. Delegates jobs to parents and coordinates Cleaning Days. Contact with landlord.

Admissions Coordinator: Liaises with prospective families and interviews them with the Head Teacher. Coordinates contracts and communicates school policies and procedures.
The board is responsible for ensuring the school is run in accordance with the school charters and guidelines from the authorities.

Board duty is fulfilled on a rotating basis. Members are elected democratically at the annual meeting and retain their positions for a maximum of two years.

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